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Established in 1856, Burberry is synonymous with quality, innovation and style. The sunglass and eyeglass collections are influenced by Burberry's storied history of providing practical and modern all weather garments such as the famous Burberry trenchcoat. Burberry is the fastest growing British fashion brand. Thomas Burberry is constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of his clothing and accessory lines. Burberry signature icons include the Prorsum equestrian knight logo, the trademark Burberry check, quilting, and trench coat inspired D-rings. Every pair of sunglasses has at least one of each of these icons. Burberry combines affordable luxury and British sensibility. Burberry has international recognition with the Burberry check and the equestrian Prorsum logo. The Burberry trenchcoat has long been staple item in any stylish wardrobe, including most recently Kate Middleton whose simple style demonstrates the popularity of Burberry for royalty and non-royals alike. Burberry is affordable luxury. The inspiration for Burberry’s eyewear details and finishes come from Burberry's most recent apparel and accessory lines.


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